Strategic Planning


The daily time pressures and constraints of operating a business can often mean strategic planning takes a back seat – but to have a successful business you must plan ahead.

Many business owners don’t have anyone outside of the business that they can talk to for advice, guidance or for future planning.

Eclipse Accounting Group has implemented a new Strategic Planning Package for business owners who want and need more than just compliance-based services and tax planning. It involves regular and systematised planning, monitoring, reviewing and discussing whatever issues that are important or critical to you and your business.

Features & Benefits of a Strategic Planning Package include:

  • Ensures the business owner stays focussed and is held accountable for actions they commit to undertaking.
  • It relies on the business having a Budget & KPI Reporting System in place.
  • Includes Quarterly review of internal financial reports.
  • Summary of significant variances between budgeted and actual performance.
  • Summary of Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s) for each quarter and year to date and provision of KPI graphs established under the KPI Reporting System (per above).
  • Quarterly Business Financial Review and Reporting Meeting of up to one hour per meeting.
  • Agenda of quarterly meetings are determined by you and your needs and may include: discussions relating to actual performance compared to targets or budget, improving cash flow, tax planning, business issues or concerns, or actions and plans that were discussed at a previous meeting.
  • Documentation of Minutes of quarterly meeting discussion points, action plans, and timetable.
  • Follow up with you after each meeting to ensure agreed actions are being attended to and to hold you accountable.

If you like to know more about our Strategic Planning Package, please give Brett or Matt a call on (02) 9531-0922 or complete an enquiry form.