Estate Planning


As your life changes, your asset protection strategies your wall needs to be checked that it is still appropriate.

As part of this process we can help ensure your wills and estate planning are in order. Remember, the standard type of will can bring down your wall.

In addition to wills, there are other important documents to have in order, such as an enduring power of attorney. This is a legal document that can give someone else the person you choose the power to make personal or financial decisions on your behalf.

You see, it is far more common for someone to become incapacitated through accident or trauma such as stroke, than it is to suddenly die. If this happens to you, you may not be able to communicate your wishes and make decisions when you need to.

The consequences of this are dire and tragic.


Its all about choices and about ensuring you protect your family and your assets. Without sound asset protection, effective wills and estate planning in place, the legacy you have been working so hard to build, may not end up in the hands of the people you intend.

The potential tragic nature of this type of scenario is why we feel so passionate about asset protection and estate planning … because its all about protecting the families we serve, like yours.

Contact Eclipse Accounting today to make a time to meet and discuss your options. We will then outline the costs so you know exactly what lies ahead.

If you are anything like our many other clients who have these structures in place, we think you will find the costs of building these walls, so to speak, relatively minor compared to the protection they give you and your family.