Free Business Health Review

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A Free Health Review

This review will involve a Confidential Business Fact Finding session and an optional review of your financial statements and organisational structure. We will then issue you with a Summary of Findings which may include some practical recommendations for moving forward.

Things change. Some things change rapidly and regularly, while other things change slowly and over the course of a few years.

Business owners need to review their business’s circumstances on a regular basis so that they can adapt to changes as and when required.

It may have been several years since you have sat down with someone to review your business’s state of affairs. Quite often accountants are too busy or too familiar with their client’s business affairs that they don’t spend the time to sit back, review and consider the big picture or whether there is a better way to structure things from a financial, tax or risk perspective.

Research suggests that there are a number of business owners in the community who would benefit from an external review of their business by an experienced and knowledgeable accountant or business adviser.

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