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Hire an accountant and ROCK your business!

April 23, 2014

You are a business person.

You’ve got a fantastic product / service to offer to the world.  While you are busy doing so, let your trusted accountant get you started on the right foot.

There is a fairly long list of things that an accountant could be handling for you, but let’s cover the basics.

Well begun is half done.  Having your financial systems set up correctly from the get go is really going to be the strongest ally for you and your accountant.  Proper set up will make your job and their job simpler.  Daily transactions will require easy data entry and auditing of records.  An accountant will know how to set up the proper records for bank accounts, vendors and customers.

You’ll need a budget.  Unless you want to be operating on an expensive line of credit, why not live by your budget whenever possible?  Having a budget set up will allow your accountant to help keep you abreast of your current bottom line, and how much operating capital you have.

Working from that budget, your accountant can advise you on your spending.  Let’s say you need a new vehicle for your fleet.  Do you have any idea how much the loan payment will be? How about the insurance? What about the branding that needs to be applied to it’s doors?  Knowledge is power, take that knowledge to the negotiating table with you to get your best and most affordable deal.

Time flies when you’re having fun but now it’s tax time.  Oh no.  The dreaded tax time!  You don’t have time for this. When will you be able to find the time to gather all of the receipts and invoices and ageing reports along with every other piece of paper you’re going to need to file your corporate taxes? Never fear, your accountant will have this info all packed into a pretty little report.  Have all of your reports and forms printed out, gather them up, and proudly mail in those tax returns.  If you’ve hired the right person, all you’ll need to do is sign your name before the package goes in the mail!

Having all of the above set in motion will really leave you sparkling and rocking your business, but don’t become so comfortable that you forget to check in now and again with your accountant, and your bottom line!  Stay involved, but do so knowing that your financial systems and records are trusted to a professional.

Eclipse Accounting offers the below services that can assist you ROCK your business!!

Contact Eclipse Accounting today for more information on how an accountant can ROCK your business!!



At Eclipse Accounting Group, we’re about so much more than just numbers.

We’re invested in the good of our clients, our team and our families, and we strive to make a difference in the wider world.

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