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Disaster proof your finances.

October 15, 2015

Disaster proof your finances.
You’ve carefully filed all your important documents – but how can you protect them from being destroyed if the worst happens to your home or business?

Consider placing originals of important documents and critical records in a fire resistant, waterproof safe or in a safe deposit box with your bank, lawyer or deposit box service. You can also back it up in the cloud or keep an electronic copy off site. That way, if your home or business is damaged by fire or flood, you’ll be protected.

Types of documents to keep safe:
– birth certificate
– marriage certificate
– will & power of attorney
– house deeds
– life, home, contents, car & other insurance policies
– health insurance & other medical files
– bank account details
– passports
– copies of driver’s licence, medicare card, bank and credit cards
– superannuation documents
– investment documents (securities, share certificates, bonds)
– details of funeral investments or arrangements
– photos, especially of valuable items such as jewellery, furniture or paintings (having a listed home inventory can also help)
– receipts for expensive items in your home (including renovations)
– business registrations, contracts, agreements & other records
– year end records
– employee & contractor records, such as payments, super, copies of TFN declarations & contracts
– asset purchase records
– vehicle records

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