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Why Us

At Eclipse Accounting Group, we help our clients create the lives they dream of while doing good in the world.

From our Caringbah office in Sydney's Sutherland Shire we do this by supporting our clients to make sound strategic decisions for their businesses and investments.


“Having grown up in a family involved in running small businesses

I had a keen interest and passion for what made businesses successful and profitable. I read and loved the biographies of self-made entrepreneurs, and their journey growing and leveraging their business models for success and a lifestyle the dreamed of.

The study of accountancy and related business operations gave ignited my passion for business. I started Eclipse Accounting more than two decades ago to support my family and to assist other business owners make the right business decisions that enables major wealth creation and lifestyle choices. I wanted to use my people and business acumen to facilitate great communication with clients and staff so they could achieve their best results.

Decades on, many of the clients I had when I started and have become friends who I enjoy not just in business, but in life too.”

Founder, Eclipse Accounting


We’re invested in the good of our families, our team and our clients – and we strive to make a difference in the wider world.

Doing good

We have a culture of integrity and we strive to do good by our team, our families and our clients. We also do good in the world through our support of Accounting for Good and B1G1.

Power through knowledge

We empower our clients by giving them visibility of their finances and being clear and transparent in our communications.


We aim to give our clients financial and personal freedom through good wealth management.

Strategic value

Sure, we’re great with numbers, but our ultimate aim is to provide our clients with strategic value, so they can make smart financial decisions.


We are about so much more than just numbers.

 Our people are where it starts.

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