At Eclipse Accounting Group, we see our Purpose as guiding clients into making effective and efficient financial decisions which will allow them to love life without financial restrictions.

Our Values & Aspirations include:

  • Have a passion for our Purpose
  • Support and respect our clients and fellow team members
  • Inspire others to do their best
  • Be Innovative
  • Be leaders of the Accounting profession
  • To have Fun and Enjoy what we do

The Services we provide at Eclipse Accounting Group can be dissected between “Must haves” and “Should haves”.

“Must haves” are the compliance matters that you are required to have prepared and lodged accurately by Law. We do this with a high level of quality and efficiency so as to protect our clients and make the annual compliance process as stress-free as practically possible.  Remember, we also do this so as to minimise your tax payments

“Should haves” are the things that are optional. These are the services that will provide you with additional information so as to improve the performance of your business. “Should have” services should far outweigh their cost.  We make a commitment to our clients that this is the case.

To help us provide more valued (“should have”) services to our clients, we are focused on assisting clients move from traditional style accounting software to a fantastic cloud-based accounting software known as Xero.  This move means that both you and we have current data available that can be relied on to facilitate strategic and focused decision-making.

Once your internal accounting system is operating accurately and efficiently, we can then help you focus on achieving your business goals and objectives by setting an annual budget that is both achievable and consistent with your goals.

Our KPI Measurement System can be used as a benchmark to compare against actual results as they happen. This will facilitate the focus and drive that most business owners are missing in their financial and management reporting system.